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T-Dogg  Biography

Travis Gammage, also known by his stage name as T-DOGG, is an African-American gospel rapper. Fueled by his love of God, T-DOGG has worked hard for many years to establish himself in the music industry, a native of South Florida and raised in the small city of Deerfield Beach, T-DOGG attended Deerfield High School where he was actively involved in many talent shows and competitions that enabled him to showcase his talent. Because of these experiences he discovered his love for music. From that point on T-DOGG knew that music was his calling. As a young man growing up in a predominately urban community, Travis was susceptible to the peer pressure of drugs, violence, etc. Although T- DOGG has always been a believer in God, he made the wrong decision and turned to the streets at a very young age. Unfortunately that decision caused Travis to be charged and convicted in 2001. However, God was certainly not finished using this young man. His pastor, Ernest B. Gonder Jr., reached out to Travis while he was serving his sentence and because of that Travis grew closer to God and got more into church; the result: T-DOGG The Deliverer of God’s Gospel. Now signed to Flo Rida’s International Music Group, T-Dogg will be releasing new music and touring in November 2015.


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